New Ryan Adams 7-Inch Gimme Something Good Set for July Release

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New Ryan Adams 7-Inch <i>Gimme Something Good</i> Set for July Release

Ryan Adams  has officially announced the July 1 arrival of his new 7”, Gimme Something Good.

We had a suspicion that he had something up his sleeve, especially after he snagged the headlining spot at the upcoming Newport Folk Festival. According to a posting on Shop Radio Cast, Gimme Something Good is only the predecessor to Adams’ forthcoming LP rumored to be released later this year. It includes two tracks, the supposed first single “Gimme Something Good” and “Aching For More.”

Adams has spent his time producing, having recently worked with both Fall Out Boy and Jenny Lewis. In terms of his music, he picked up his punk rock roots with his new band, Pornography, which released an EP more or less on the downlow in 2013 entitled 7 Minutes in Heaven. The 2011 LP Ashes & Fire was our last taste as far those classic Adams’ tunes go, though.

Whatever Adams has in the works, we’re happy to have him back. Gimme Something Good is available for preorder at PAX AM now.

Update: This article has been changed to reflect Adams’ new name for the b-side, which was formerly listed as “I Just Might.”