Sailor Moon Crystal Gets a Trailer

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The much-anticipated follow up to the Sailor Moon series finally has a trailer, which went viral today.

Naoko Takeuchi published the original manga, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon as a spinoff to an earlier manga Codename: Sailor V, and supposedly never expected the series to bypass its predecessor in popularity. Initially imported to the U.S. by Bandai as a female companion to Power Rangers, Sailor Moon and its subsequent seasons revitalized the “Magical Girl” genre in anime, followed by Tokyo Mew Mew, Cardcaptor Sakura and Fruits Basket.

A redux of the first season, Sailor Moon Crystal will use a deeper, more modern animation style, with art that harkens back to the manga version. Sailor Moon’s odango (dumpling, or in the American version, meatballl) pigtails are no longer irrevocably locked in place. Whereas before, we just accepted the ‘do as fact, we see a civilian version of the superheroine bolstering her hair with bobby pins in the trailer.

Also notable is the more feminist feel of this new edition. We see Luna, Sailor Moon’s talking-cat-advisor, in the same arched window from which Tuxedo Mask saved the day in episode one of the 1994 version. The caped crusader is notably absent from the Sailor Moon Crystal promo. Does this mean less tearful antics from the series’ protagonist? In her Japanese voiceover, Sailor Moon doesn’t characterize herself as a crybaby, as she did in the first four seasons.

Sailor Moon Crystal makes up on July 5, 7 p.m. on Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese video sharing website. The series will accompany several re-issues of Sailor Moon accessories, and coincide with the 20th anniversary of the anime’s premiere.

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