Stephen King Releases Videos Introducing New Villain

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Stephen King  has created some of the most notorious villains of our time—murderous dogs, haunted hotels that turn its visitors insane, children possessed by cornfields. You know, the usual.

So who better to introduce a new King villain than his previous characters? In anticipation of his latest novel, Mr. Mercedes, Stephen King has released via his Facebook page a series of videos introducing us to the book’s titular villain. Brady Hartsfield, known to the police as Mr. Mercedes, is a killer who taunts Detective Bill Hodges with letters identifying himself as the perpetrator.

The clips, which were created by animation agency The Upside, feature voiceovers from The Shining’s Danny Torrance, Misery’s Annie Wilkes, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption’s Andy, It’s Pennywise and Carrie’s Carrie.

And it is terrifying.

From the ominous sounds of these voices to the animated, bloody, horror-movie-esque depictions of classic scenes from these books, we have every reason to expect Mr. Mercedes will be just as iconic as the rest.

Each character opens the video with a personal anecdote, but they all end with the same phrase: “Meet Brady, Mr. Mercedes.”

And we will, when Mr. Mercedes comes out tomorrow, June 3.