Airbnb Gets a Rebrand, New Logo and a Bit of Controversy

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Airbnb Gets a Rebrand, New Logo and a Bit of Controversy

Airbnb, the community marketplace that lets you list your home as an accommodation for others to rent, rolled out a massive rebrand on Wednesday.

Lead by London-based agency DesignStudio, the rebranding consisted of a complete overhaul and redesign of the Airbnb website and mobile app. The theme of their new identity is “belonging.”

“For so long, people thought Airbnb was about renting houses. But really, we’re about home. You see, a house is just a space, but a home is where you belong. And what makes this global community so special is that for the very first time, you can belong anywhere,” says Airbnb founder and CEO Brian Chesky in his blog post about the new look.



Airbnb  also rolled out a new logo; one they’ve named and hope will inspire a movement of sorts. They’re calling it the belo and declaring it the “universal symbol for belonging.”

“Belonging has always been a fundamental driver of humankind. So to represent that feeling, we’ve created a symbol for us as a community. It’s an iconic mark for our windows, our doors, and our shared values. It’s a symbol that, like us, can belong wherever it happens to be,” says Chesky.

Airbnb describes their new logo as representing four things: people, places, love and of course, Airbnb. The Internet, however, was quick to point out a number of other things the belo seems to represent, from a vagina to a blatant copy of another company’s logo.

Controversy aside, the Airbnb rebrand delivers a much more enjoyable user experience. The website and mobile app feature large enticing photos, bold colors and clearer listing information. Another new feature is the photo mosaic of locations and accommodations on the website’s homepage that encourages visitors to discover new places to visit and stay.

They also unveiled Create Airbnb, which lets users customize their own unique belo to share or have printed on merchandise. According to the ticker on their website, more than 4,900 belos have already been created.

Create Airbnb and the company’s rebrand as a whole aim to reflect and embrace the community of more than 15 million guests who’ve used the service to date, as well as the 800,000 listings—600 of which are castles. Airbnb includes listings in more than 34,000 cities across 190 counties.

Visit the Airbnb blog to learn more about their rebrand.