Iconic Photos of Writers, Well, Writing

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Iconic Photos of Writers, Well, Writing

There’s a kind of mystique that goes into writing a book. We can’t quite tell what happens in a writer’s mind or fathom how they come up with their ideas—we’re just grateful when, through some magical process, they pop out the next Great American Novel. Still, it’s always interesting to see where their work gets done. Enter Writers at Work.

The website showcases hundreds upon hundreds of photos of, well, writers at work. Contemporary writers sit at desks with MacBooks while older authors hold a pen to a piece of paper. Featured authors range from Mark Twain to Hunter S. Thompson, Walt Whitman to Maya Angelou.

The writers can appear serene or ridiculously stressed, focused or distracted. Who knows what they’re really writing at these exact moments, but it’s nice to think these snapshots captured Margaret Mitchell just as she was typing the siege scene in Gone With the Wind or H.G. Wells as he was creating the first alien invasion story ever.

We gathered 35 iconic images from the Writers at Work website above, and you can check out the whole collection here.