Finally, a School For Professional Beer Drinkers

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Looks like the University of Phoenix has some competition. The Cicerone Certification Program has developed a series of online courses to help individuals prepare for the Certified Cicerone exam called “The Road to Cicerone.” I like the half rhyme in the title.

Think of it as an online college for beer lovers who want to reach the ultimate level of beer snobbery. Courses include readings and “hands on learning” practices, according to an article in Craft Brewing Business. Each course ($99) ends with a practice exam that should prep you for the official exam you need to pass to become a Certified Cicerone.

Get that certification and not only will you be able to get a job as a professional beer geek, you’ll be able to tell the difference between an Eisbock and a Maibock, just by looking at the color of the beer.

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