Batkid Begins Documentary Seeks Financial Backing on Indiegogo

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<i>Batkid Begins</i> Documentary Seeks Financial Backing on Indiegogo

In November, Miles Scott, aka Batkid, saved Gotham (San Francisco) and captivated the world. Now, there is an Indiegogo campaign for a Batkid Begins documentary, which will take viewers behind the scenes of that historic day and highlight the hero behind the mask.

It’s been a week since the campaign went live and already supporters have raised $40,056 to help fund the $100,000 goal. The doc will recreate the incredible day when Miles was granted an amazingly creative wish: To become Batkid. “The thought was a crowd of 200 would seem huge to a five year old boy, but what happened next blew everyone’s minds,” the Indiegogo page reads. “Support for the idea of granting Miles’s wish kept pouring in and soon it was clear that the crowd would be much bigger than the modest expectations. Instead of a few hundred, 25,000 people lined the streets to cheer Miles on as he saved Gotham.”

But the true superhero spirit shines through in the form of Miles’ real-life battle with leukemia, which has plagued him for much of his young life. Filmmaker Dana Nachman was granted access to the Scott family home to delve deeper into the story of a child who had billions of people worldwide glued to TV screens and social media sites.

“One of his doctors told us that with this disease they just become like a fighter,” Miles’ father, Nick, explains. “I think he sees the good versus evil battle in superheroes and just relates to it.”

Funds from the project will be used to round out the documentary with aerial shots of Gotham, music, film graphics and special effects. Interviews in the film include composer Hans Zimmer (who created a Batkid song), media contacts, people involved with the wish (Batman, The Penguin), and members from Make-a-Wish Foundation Greater Bay Area.

The list of perks begins with a $5 social media shout-out, and it just gets sweeter from there. Check out the doc’s trailer above, and be sure to show your thanks for Batkid keeping us all safe.