James Franco Almost Gets Colbert to Break Character...Almost

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Last night on The Colbert Report, James Franco was as pleasant as ever.

Colbert made comparisons between Franco’s busy personal life and the actor’s new movie Child of God, which is based on a Cormac McCarthy novel. “He becomes a murderer and he’s a necrophiliac,” Franco explains. “It’s really an exploration of what it is to be human and need intimacy with another person so badly, and that if you are a person who is incapable of doing that because you’re so strange or you’re an outsider…”

“Or so busy teaching and doing movies and books and that kind of thing that you can’t actually allow yourself to have that kind of relationship and get married and have children,” Colbert chimes in, poking fun at Franco’s insane professional schedule. The actor assures Colbert the movie is not a self portrait.

Franco is able to return the favor before Colbert goes to commercial. “Are you gonna go Democrat when you go to this new show,” the actor asks about the move to The Late Show, seemingly catching the host off guard.

Colbert’s response at the 6:08 mark shows that you need more than a good burn to get under his skin.

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