Take a Peak at the Leaked Samsung Virtual Reality Headset

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Take a Peak at the Leaked Samsung Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung is looking to step foot into the virtual reality game with the release of its new headset, the Samsung Gear VR, which could launch as early as September.

SamMobile reports that the device is being built in collaboration with Facebook and Oculus VR and could be launched at the IFA consumer electronics show in September in Berlin, where Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 4 too.

The Gear VR will rely on your smartphone to operate by slotting it in a dock in the headset via a USB 3.0 connection. It will use your mobile device’s gyroscope and accelerometer to track your head movements rather than using sensors. Gear VR will also make use of the phone’s rear facing camera to provide the user with a real-time view.

Wearers will be presented with an AMOLED screen for viewing menus and options along with a touchpad on the side of the device for control. The device will slot onto your head with elastic straps and plush pads on the side for comfort too.

Oculus VR is involved in developing the software behind the new Samsung headset while the hardware has been built in-house at Samsung, who is also rumored to release the SDK to developers shortly after the announcement with the company expected to dedicate section of Samsung Apps to the headset.

There is no word if the device will run on Android or Samsung’s own Tizen operating system.

There is also no indication on pricing as of yet, but Google’s Cardboard has set a lower end model for virtual reality, which may force Samsung to reconsider its sale price for consumers. It’s also worth pointing out that the Gear VR is a different device entirely to the reports of Samsung’s Google Glass competitor, which is still in the rumor mill.