Gamer Sets New Super Mario Bros Speedrun Record

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Four minutes, 57.69 seconds. That’s how long it took speedrunner “Blubbler” to play through the all of Super Mario Bros. for the NES using only his hands, an emulator and a frame counter to keep track of time.

That’s right. He used no cheat codes, no tricky business with slow motion or re-recording. It was reportedly 100 percent natural play that took advantage of game glitches and warp zones only.

The previous world record for an “any percentage” completion run of Super Mario Bros. was 4:59:09, held by a gamer known as “andrewg” according to the SMB Leaderboards Wiki.

So how did Blubbler manage to shave off an entire second from a seemingly impossible time? A lucky Bullet Bill glitch in level 8-2 let him skip the walk to the castle.

You can watch his world record run in the player above.

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