Sweden Designs Interactive Summer Festival Poster

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Sweden Designs Interactive Summer Festival Poster

Every year, Sweden hosts the Malmö Festival, a massive street fair celebration. The festival boasts many cool things, including live performance (First Aid Kit and Icona Pop), local food and ground breaking art, and this year, it’s added a poster that you can climb on to the list.

Created by Stockholm-based company Snask, the poster is really a series of huge 3-D letters, numbers and shapes. The plywood structure took 14 people a whopping 900 hours to create, and it seems well worth it as the work will serve as the centerpiece of the festival. And while it’s too large to view as a whole image from the ground, it will definitely give festival-goers something to explore.

Check out the complete poster in a photograph taken from 100 ft. up above. The Malmö Festival runs Aug. 15-22.