The Independent Film Channel (IFC) Undergoes Big and Bold Rebranding

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The Independent Film Channel (IFC) Undergoes Big and Bold Rebranding

The Independent Film Channel (IFC) recently underwent rebranding spearheaded by New York design studio Gretel. The end result is a full-fledged branding rebirth that truly captures the network’s “always on, slightly off” motto.

According to the Gretel website, “Part of the impetus for the rebrand was to make a clear break from the brand’s legacy as the Independent Film Channel and raise some awareness about their new, expanded slate.” IFC is home to six original comedy programs, including Portlandia, and hundreds of movies.


“We started with a thorough brand audit. We met with everyone: Marketing, On-Air, Off-Air, Digital, Social, Scheduling, Research, Programming… everyone. Each team knew their brand; even if it was on an intangible, emotional, instinctual level. There was a clear sense in every department of what felt like IFC and what didn’t. Our challenge was codifying that nebulous IFC-ness into brand tenets, guidelines and language.”

The rebrand encompassed the network’s on-air, print and digital identity, redesigning everything from their website to the title images of their programs on Netflix. Only minor changes were made to the IFC logo. “Still Slightly Off, with a little more depth, dimension, weight. A reflection of the growth of IFC itself, the new logo was inspired by thinking of IFC as a production company or venue.”

The big and very bold new IFC identity has a fairly simple core, however, just three colors and two typefaces: black, white, blue and Clan Narrow Ultra, Prestige Elite Bold, Gotham Bold.

You can see the entire rebranding process and collateral material on Gretel’s website, or wait until the next time you tune in to IFC.

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