Weird Al Returns With Parodies of Daft Punk, Pharrell

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The satirical songster Weird Al returns after three years of studio silence with parodies of some of summer’s chart-toppers.

The first song is Al’s take on “Happy” by Pharrell, implementing his own social commentary with “Tacky.” “Tacky” premiered with a parody video as well—featuring Jack Black, Aisha Tyler and Margaret Cho, among others—dancing and strutting through the streets in not so stylish duds. Fortunately, no Pharrell fedora was used in the making of this production. Check out the video below, via Nerdist:

For his second cut, Weird Al went against P. Williams yet again, this time covering his Daft Punk collaboration “Get Lucky” with nothing more than an accordion and a whole lot of spirit. Oh, and cue the brass section, accelerando, for an old-time saloon finish.

Listen to Al’s take on “Get Lucky” here.

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