Bill Murray Took Tickets at a Ball Game Last Night Because That's Just What He Does Now

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As part of his ongoingmission to be the chillestdudeever, Bill Murray once again found a charmingly strange way to hang out with fans, this time tearing tickets at a minor league baseball game. A co-owner of the St. Paul Saints, Murray at least had a reason to be at their game against the Winnipeg Goldeyes Thursday night, although we have to assume he usually has someone else take care of box office duties.

It may surprise some younger readers to learn that Murray was once an actor of some renown, starring in movies like Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day before devoting his life to giving people great Bill Murray stories. Check out some other shots from the night below, which by all accounts was pretty Murray-aculous.

[Image via Twitter/Ben Garvin | h/t Vulture]

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