Brewery Incubator Closes Because of Strip Twister

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Houston’s Brewery Incubator, a collective that helps new brewers test the waters of going commercial, and the home to The League of Extraordinary Brewers, is shutting down. The Incubator is being evicted from their lease because of a “public nudity” incident, when a complaint was issued to the landlord after a game of Strip Twister was held at the League Brewpub, the storefront of the Brewery Incubator.

From the Brewery Incubator’s press release: “Indeed, I had agreed to host a naked game night: a completely private event that takes place at bars all over Houston regularly. We covered all the windows and had someone working the door. Only one thing went wrong: an employee of the architectural services firm next door that has access to our hallways was working long after business hours and stumbled up a game of strip Twister in the hall. Whoever this person was, he or she had clearly never seen the naked male body before and took great offense to the incident, crying “public nudity” to the landlord.”

Citing legal costs and an extended legal battle, the owner/operator of the Brewery Incubator is shutting the business down. Two things suck about this: 1) the incubator is a cool concept, that, if given the chance, would likely sprout a number of quality breweries. 2) I hate to see bad things happen because of strip Twister. It’s such a beautiful game; I think more people should play it. Often.

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