Instagram Releases Time Lapse Video App Hyperlapse

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Since smartphone photography became a thing, a myriad of photo editing apps has entered the app world. Instagram eventually got the idea that they could play at the photo editing game, too.

In June, Instagram got a facelift that offered a compact yet intense in-app editing system that allowed it to stand against photo editors. But now, Instagram is taking on stop-motion and time lapse apps like Flipagram and Snippet with their very own standalone app.

On Tuesday, Aug. 26, Instagram unveiled its latest venture into the world of photo editing, Hyperlapse concept behind Hyperlapse is far from new— it’s just time lapse video, after all. However, Hyperlapse has features that better the process. For example, you can adjust the speed of your video from slow-mo to seizure.

Hyperlapse’s greatest achievement is its built-in stabilization technology—clearly Instagram has learned a thing or two about shaky hands and smartphones since adding video capability last summer. Instead of begging you to keep still so your video’s picture is more than a blur, Hyperlapse actually encourages movement.

Like most apps of this kind, Hyperlapse is a little difficult to use at first, and it knows that. The app will give you pointers, such as suggesting you to try another location when you’re in bad lighting. The second step, adjusting speed, can make you a bit dizzy, so exercise caution.

Once your time lapse video is complete, you can easily share it to Facebook or send it to Instagram so you can add a filter. Hyperlapse videos you don’t want to upload anywhere are conveniently saved into your photo album.

Hyperlapse is an iOS that can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store.

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