Kepler Monitors the Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide Levels in Your Home

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It’s wise to keep an eye on carbon monoxide and gas levels in your home because unfortunately it’s possible to be extremely ill or die from the effects. While there are many gadgets that work as a form of alarm for gas leaks so that you always you know when there’s a problem, Kepler might be the most intelligent alarm yet.

Kepler features active monitoring, intelligent alarms, and more—all in one device. It doesn’t matter where you are in the house, through your smartphone, Kepler will let you know when things have turned dangerous. An early warning system means you’ll know exactly when things are slowly rising through a red warning light and loud alarm, with the device also demonstrating visually how high the levels are getting.

Kepler can be easily detached from the wall, meaning you can easily move it around your home. There’s a clock and programmable timer feature too, so you can use Kepler to help out while cooking. The device is incredibly simple to figure out and quite stylish in appearance as well, so you won’t have to worry about it being overly complicated to use or an eyesore in your home either. It looks and works a lot like the Nest devices—which is definitely a good thing.

Currently available via a Kickstarter campaign, Kepler has easily surpassed its goal already. There’s still time yet to make a pledge though with the campaign running until August 30. For $60 CAD (around $55 USD), you can have one Kepler device with that price rising to $70 CAD (around $64 USD) once the Early Bird specials have all been purchased. It’s an inexpensive solution to a potentially deadly problem.

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