Marc Thomasset's Inspiration Pad Breaks All The Rules

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The ruled notebook is where so many great ideas start. The uniform blue lines, however, exist to be ignored, merely a set of proposed boundaries for math equations, poetry first-drafts and doodles of dinosaurs.

Marc Thomasset took that background grid and twisted it, literally. On the pages of his Inspiration Pad, the normally staid lines swoop and soar, they curl around each other, bend on unseen corners, evoke topographical maps or resemble EKG readings. The result is something simultaneously familiar and alien, a background for inspiration that works as an object of art all on its own.

While hard to write on in a traditional sense, there’s no denying that Thomasset’s glorious swirling patterns remove the dread of the blank page, replacing it with a sense of fun. Who wouldn’t want to take a pencil to Thomasset’s playground pages?

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