Miranda July Releases New Messaging App

Tech News Miranda July
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Miranda July  wears many hats—screenwriter, director, actress, author—and now she’s adding app developer to her list.

The artist announced today that her new app, Somebody, is now available for free download in the iOS store. Made with Miu Miu, Somebody is a messaging app with a catch as distinctive as July’s work itself. When you send a friend a message through the app, it is not delivered to that person. Instead, it’s delivered to the Somebody user that is closest to your friend at that time, which July says will likely be a stranger. That person can then deliver the message verbally to your friend, acting as a stand-in for you.

Make sense? Well, in true July fashion, she released a companion film with it that you can watch below to get a better idea. July encourages you to share the video with friends, as Somebody only works when it has a large amount of users. A list of official Somebody hotspots-which will likely grow—are available on the app’s website. Figures like Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein and author David Sedaris have already voiced their enthusiasm for the app.

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