Photographer Takes Pictures of Artists Desks, Clutter, Cats...

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Prepare to feel better about your unorganized workspace: some of the best artists share your tendency towards clutter. E. Brady Robinson has the proof. Her forthcoming book, Art Desks, collects 57 images of messy, chaotic desks of artists, curators, art dealers, critics, and museums directors. Also, their cats.

Robinson takes her photos while her subjects are working, creating a portrait not just of an artist, but how an artist works. Post-it notes, coffee cups, html manuals, bananas, toys; all of the ephemera of the creative process is on display. Chajana Denharder’s desk is next to a hand-lettered sign that reads “Performance Art: Not meant to be Entertaining,” which is a good thing to keep in mind, no matter who you are.

Help fund Robinson’s project on Indiegogo here.