This is the NVIDIA Shield Tablet, a Serious Gaming Device

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When NVIDIA unexpectedly released its first piece of gaming hardware last year, the NVIDIA Shield, gamers and technologists alike were a both a little skeptical. After all, getting into the hardware business for non-hardware companies can often end in disaster. And yet, while the clamshell device wasn’t particularly sleek, it was surprising how well the thing worked. Now NVIDIA is releasing its followup to the NVIDIA Shield, the NVIDIA Shield Tablet.

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet uses some of the same technology it up to use with its first device, but puts it together in a sleek, modern package. In terms of gaming, there is simply no competition for such a device, which can play games from both NVIDIA’s GameStream technology and optimized Android games. The big draw here is GameStream, which lets players stream any PC games from their gaming rig (as long as it uses an NVIDIA graphics chip, of course) and play them right on the Shield Tablet. But how do you play PC games on a tablet? With NVIDIA’s wireless controller (sold separately), of course—as well as the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor that its stuffed into this tablet.

The really surprising thing about the Shield Tablet, however, is how well it seems to work as just a regular old Android tablet. The device is a fully fleshed out 8-inch stock Android tablet that performs better than anything else on the market thanks to the Tegra K1.

If that wasn’t enough, NVIDIA has also included a nice stylus for the product, which goes along with a proprietary drawing app made just for the Shield Tablet. While it’s a bit more pricey than the $229 Nexus 7, it’s hard to not see this $299 tablet as a fantastic deal for all you’re getting. Even if you’re not a gamer, there seems to be plenty here for just about anyone.