Tinder's Swipe Design, Revolutionizing Search One App at a Time

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Swipe right for, “yes, please!” Swipe left for, “thanks, but no thanks.” We all know the concept thanks to Tinder, the matchmaking mobile app that’s revolutionized digital speed dating.

But the app’s standout swipe design feature isn’t only for finding love anymore. It’s recently become popular for everything from online shopping to job hunts. For example, Kwoller, a shopping app, lets you swipe right when you find something you love. Then, the “Kwoller Koala” will keep track of the items price for you (making your next impulse buy a little more comfortable).

SoSho, the self-described “Tinder of shoes,” has also swiped right on the trend. And Blynk has hopped on, too. The app lets you shuffle through looks from fashion bloggers, offering you both recommended outfits and inspiration.

Fashion isn’t the only industry jumping on the Tinder train. BarkBuddy is an app that will connect you with a cute pup in need of a home. The dogs won’t be able to swipe right on you, but we’re sure they’ll be grateful.

Tinder has also inspired Weave, for job search, Swell, for podcasts, and restaurant apps like Weotta.

But why has this card swiping trend become so popular? After all, some of our most used apps, including Netflix and Facebook, are still centered around a feed. For one, evaluating one option at a time makes choices faster, something technology has always been all about. Plus it gives your thumb quite the workout.

What are some of your favorite swipe-centric apps? Let us know in the comments below.