Watch Weird Al Sing the Secret Theme Songs of Mad Man, Game of Thrones and More

Comedy Video Weird Al
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On television, an iconic theme song can be more memorable than the series that spawned it, inspiring decades of impromptu shower performances. Sadly, many of today’s greatest shows have opted to go with completely wordless title music, forcing audiences to ad lib their own lyrics to musical cues like the Breaking Bad sting*.

Thankfully, American hero Weird Al Yankovic finally addressed this oversight at last night’s Emmy Awards, giving authoritative lyrics to Mad Men, Scandal, Homeland, Modern Family and Game of Thrones in an impressive five-theme medley. Check it out above, and keep an eye out for Andy Samberg as everyone’s least favorite crossbow-loving boy King.

*“Braaaay-kiiiing Bad-Bray kiiing-Bad

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