Yo is the Most Popular One Word App Ever

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In terms of sheer simplicity, few apps can compete with Yo.

The app’s name also functions as its instruction booklet and mission: download it, log in, and send a text message that reads “Yo” to any of your contacts. Even the app’s icon is basic: a plain fuchsia square.

Yo’s description is tongue-in-cheek, positioning the app as a practical tool and not just a novelty. “Yo is a single tap zero character communication tool,” it reads, suggesting Yo might be used by airlines to signal boarding times, or by dry cleaners to indicate your clothes are ready for pick-up.

The app’s interface and navigation are as intuitive as its name. You can “Yo” with friends who have downloaded the app (determined by accessing your contacts), or send a “yo” to those who haven’t yet succumbed.

There are features beyond the slang salutation. Users can craft a simple profile (name and photo), and also track how many “yo’s” they’ve received. There’s an options to block other users, as well—apparently, Yo can be abused.

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Yo has managed to impress rather than deter—it carries an impressive four-star rating in the App Store and boasts a glut of positive reviews. “Guaranteed to be the next Twitter or Snapchat,” writes one user, although his sincerity is questionable. “This will change everything,” notes another user. At present, Yo had garnered unprecedented coverage for an app, and a legion of devoted fans, too.

A recent update to Yo suggests its developers—seeking to capitalize on the hype surrounding their creation—want to add a bit of longevity. Now available is the aforementioned ability to build a Yo profile, along with the capacity to share links and hashtags with your laconic greeting. Users can also opt to receive a “yo” when a favorite Instagram user shares a new photo. Yo can connect and integrate with a growing list of services—and if done right, the app may evolve into a one-place stop for managing push notifications.

So remember: when you’re ready to outsource your greetings to an app, and distill your vocabulary down to just one word, Yo is waiting.

Yo is a multi-platform app that can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store, and Amazon Apps Store.

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