Zombie Safe Zone Maps Have Your Undead Escape Route All Planned Out

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Society has collapsed. The zombie apocalypse has finally happened, just as George Romero always warned us it would. Staying in a city is ridiculous; you need clean water, abundant natural resources, and ideally, high elevation. Check Google Maps? What about “society has broken down” do you not understand? The systems you’ve come to rely on are gone. Everything’s gone haywire, nothing works, which is all the more reason to get out of your densely-populated urban area and into a safe zone.

Luckily, Ryan McArthur of Design Different has you covered. His beautiful Zombie Safe Zone state maps show you clear, concise directions to the closest safe zone from major metropolitan areas. These safe zones are isolated, forested areas, where there’s an abundance of naturally-occurring water. And best of all, being paper maps, you don’t need electricity or an internet connection to view them! I bet all those Google programmers already have them, which is why they are already at Shasta-Trinity national forest and you are still waiting for the wi-fi connection that will never come.

When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, can there be a better preparation than a well-designed escape route?