bKey is an Extra Charge of Battery That Fits on Your Keyring

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Running out of battery power is a regular irritant for many of us, especially as smartphones never seem to have the battery life that we’d like. There’s a plentiful supply of ways in which one can have a battery backup but bKey seems like one of the more convenient ideas.

Currently available via a Kickstarter campaign, bKey has that name because it’s key shaped and ideal for slotting onto your keychain. With a built-in USB tip to charge it and a micro-USB or iPhone tip to charge your phone on the go, it’s small yet powerful. You can easily fit it in your pocket and you don’t have to worry about carrying any extra cables around with you.

bKey charges easily through a USB socket or through an A/C wall adapter, offering plenty of flexibility. With a focus on added safety, bKey gives you an extra 30 minutes of time on your smartphone, regardless of what you want to do on it. It’ll hold its charge for over a month too, meaning it’s ideal for when you’re out traveling around.

bKey has already passed its goal on Kickstarter but there’s still time yet to make a pledge. For $20 CAD (around $18 USD), you can grab one for Samsung, HTC, LG or Blackberry phones, along with iPhone 3gs, 4 and 4s. For $25 CAD (around $22 USD), you can snag one for the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s. There are discounts available for multiple purchases too such as a pack of five for $149 CAD (around $136 USD).

The bKey Kickstarter campaign has until September 6 to run, so get in there soon.

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