Both Nokia and Windows Phone Brands Are Being Phased Out

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It’s been a slow decline for Nokia, but it finally looks as if the iconic brand will officially fade away in the coming months. Although Microsoft had no comments for sites reporting the news that the Nokia branding will be eliminated from Microsoft’s phones, the rebranding makes sense considering Microsoft recently laid off 18,000 employees, many of whom were former Nokia employees.

The company purchased Nokia’s handset division late last year for a little over $7 billion and the hardware manufacturer recently began making Windows Phone devices exclusively. The rumor is that the Windows Phone branding will also be discontinued at the same time Nokia’s is as well.

Replacing both brands, The Verge is reporting that mobile devices would simply be labeled “Windows.” Microsoft has been actively unifying the software across desktops, tablets, phones, and even its Xbox all to run the same Windows operating system.

While the move is likely intended to consolidate branding, getting rid of such established brands still seems a bit odd. This news comes at a time when Microsoft has also been replacing the Bing brand with the outdated MSN one.

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