#DopePosters of the Week: Round Three - A Global Affair

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This edition of #DopePosters of the Week takes us on a graphic design journey around the globe. Pop open the gallery and follow along as our poster-fueled international jaunt begins in the UK with pieces from London designers Adam Spizak, Mash Creative, and Matteo Ruisi, with a bit of classic British philosophy from Genis Carreras. We jump down to Barcelona for a taste of Spanish minimalism from Mark Brooks and tour through Europe following event posters from Paris agency Yeaaah! Studio and Vienna-based illustrator and designer Kristof Tarisznyas; with a stop in Berlin for this patterned piece from Luca Fontana.

#DopePosters of the Week rounds out its Europe run with an entry from Polish design agency, Pi&Sigma’s, beautiful Cursed Soldiers poster series and a plea to “Start Music, End War” from Lithuanian designer Tadao Cern for International Street Musicians Day. A southeastern-heading flight lands us in Melbourne to visit Studio 361. and check out a piece from Sydney-based designer Nick Barclay’s London Underground series.

The #DopePosters trip ends in The US of A with local Atlanta-based screen-printing agency The Factory Press (suggested by @RadioFreeArt), followed by NYC-based designers Kathryn Lavery (suggested by @dannyhatch) and Thorbjorn Gudnason. You can support Kathryn Lavery’s Filmography of Guns poster projects on Kickstarter.

And that’s it! 15 designers and design agencies, 9 countries, and a bunch of #DopePosters. Doesn’t get much better than that. Let us know who you think had the best poster this week and tweet @Paste_Design, (or use) the hashtag #DopePoster, to suggest your favorite posters and designers for Round 4.