The Glimmering Look of Jewelry-Inspired Temporary Tattoos

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Jewelry that’s striking, not too expensive, and not easily misplaced: impossible! And yet, the quest for this ideal type of jewelry is now over with new gold and silver temporary tattoos.

These trompe l’oeils are easy to apply and perfect for creating a unique look, whether for work, for a concert weekend or for an evening out. In a recent Vogue article, fashion writer Arden Fanning remarks whimsically, “Decorative gold and silver body jewelry, in the form of stenciled-on delicate chain bracelets, laurel necklaces, and festival-ready feathers that seem to float across the skin, have become a beauty-and-fashion phenomenon.”

So, how do they work? The application process is very similar to how you would press on a normal temporary tattoo. The tattoo adheres to the skin after about 30 seconds with pressure from a wet cloth. Allow 10 minutes for it to set completely, and your glittery optical illusion will last for 4-6 days! On average, the tattoo sets run for around $22 with a few sheets of styles. Check out our favorites in the gallery above and where to snag them in the credits list below.

1. Zahra by Flash Tattoos, $22 2. Josephine by Flash Tattoos, $22 3. Lena by Flash Tattoos, $22 4. Nikki by Flash Tattoos, $22 5. Sheebani by Flash Tattoos, $22 6. La Femme by Lulu DK, $22 7. Child of Wild by Flash Tattoos, $30 8. High Noon by Lulu DK, $28 9. Blue Lagoon by Lulu DK, $28 10. Love Story by Lulu DK, $22