GranolaStrolla is a Solar Charged Battery Pack for Your Phone

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We’re all trying to find more effective and environmentally friendly ways of keeping our phones, tablets, and other devices charged up. GranolaStrolla is the latest gadget that hopes to make the process so much easier.

GranolaStrolla is a solar charged battery pack that promises to charge USB devices as quickly as a wall charger does. Much like other solar powered devices, it absorbs power from sunlight then stores it within its Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, ready for you to use whenever you need it.

It features a USB port so you can plug your devices in just like you would at home, without any need for extra cables.

The device is water-resistant, as well as small and stylish looking. Most importantly, it only takes 12 hours of bright sunlight to fully charge the battery. It’ll charge on cloudy days too and even while indoors, just slower. The gadget easily attaches to your backpacks or bags, meaning you can leave it charging while you go about your daily business.

GranolaStrolla covers all the little details to ensure that it’s ecologically friendly. It’s using a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery rather than a typical Lithium Cobalt Oxide battery because it’s non-toxic and has been previously approved for use in organic gardening. The plastic it uses is also better than conventional material, avoiding BPA, an endocrine disruptor.

Such attention to detail is reflected in the Kickstarter campaign’s reward system too. For $40, you can grab one GranolaStrolla for 20% blow retail price, but for $55 you can also grab a swag bag that includes environmentally friendly soap, lip balm, 16oz tumbler, and reusable shopping tote bag. It sounds like the ideal gift idea for the more ecologically minded consumer.

The Kickstarter campaign has until October 12 to run.

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