InstaArtist Pick: Tommy Perez, Paper Crafter

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Despite its name, construction paper doesn’t actually seem like something you’d want to build with. It’s colorful, sure. But ultimately limiting as a medium for self-expression, best left to kindergarteners.

Tommy Perez would respectfully, but no-doubt ebulliently, disagree. On his Instagram t_rez, Perez turns brightly colored paper into hot dogs, spilled juice, video game controllers, coffee cups, fountains of soda and charming anachronistic cell phones. Where we might see flat sheets of dyed wood pulp, Perez sees the potential to create disarmingly tactile 3-D objects. His recreation of Finn’s sword from Adventure Time looks surprisingly battle-ready—as much as a lollipop-bright yellow sword can be, any case.

You know, maybe those kindergarteners are on to something…