Musicians Including Jeff Tweedy, Grizzly Bear and Pearl Jam Stump for Voter Registration Day

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If you’re wondering why more people are talking about voting on your Facebook feed than usual this morning, it may have something to do with the more than 350 musicians and entertainers who are participating in National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday.

From indie artists such as Jeff Tweedy and Grizzly Bear to pop and rap stars like T.I., “Weird Al” Yankovic and Questlove, the artists have all taken the time to pose with photographs conveying the same message: “Register to vote.” Together, they boast a social media reach of more than 500 million, which one would think could go a long way toward boosting voter registration totals—especially given that it’s a significantly higher number than the total population of the country.

A full gallery of all the photos can be viewed here. Browsing them, it’s hard not to be impressed by how many well-known faces this organization was able to reach in coordinating their effort.

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