Straight From the Horse's Mouth: Sean Moeller's Daytrotter Picks for 9/15/14

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Below you’ll find a synopsis of what we consider to be the best performances that we posted on Daytrotter last week. The best things we made were some cool Daytrotter pint glasses, but here’s to the music.

Circa Waves


I live nowhere near the ocean. I live nowhere near a huge metropolitan city. I’m no longer young. As a matter of fact, I feel positively old most days, these days. But this young band from Liverpool gives me everything I need to feel whatever it is that I might be missing from not having any of the above. There is a vitality to these three songs that is blazing hot, that makes you want to rip off your shirt and pants and cannonball into whatever water you can find. They’re promising as hell. Look for them at CMJ in October, and check out their session here.

Clarke Edward Andros


A Californian inspired by John Steinbeck isn’t a new thing, but this guy has the lyrical chops to give Big Sur and the Muir Woods a run for the money in the pretty sights department, even when some of the scenes involve heavy drinking. Those two Johns definitely got drunk in gorgeous places. Listen to Clarke Edward Andros’ session here.

Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes


When I was writing about this band from Melbourne, Australia, the other day, I was sucked into a very seductive headspace. It was one of those places that gives you a shiver and makes you feel as if you’re doing something dirty gallivanting with these songs. You’re real close to jumping on the good foot and doing the bad thing, or vice versa—or having that sense that you could be talked into it. Clairy Browne sounds as if she’s something of a rascal and she could tempt you into all kinds of compromising positions. These Stax-like soul songs are all about humping, or getting to the point of humping. Get some. Check out Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes’ session here.

Anna Ash


“Your True Love” was the best song we posted this week. In her sophomore Daytrotter session, Anna Ash delivered a breathtaking beauty that sounds like one of those gospel-y songs that should get selected for first dances at weddings—if people knew what was good for them. It feels like that tender look you get from someone who wants only you, not just for the night, but through all the battles and lean times you might have coming to you. It’s exquisite. Listen to Anna Ash’s session here.

Alex G


The Philadelphia musician who performs under the name Alex G has been prolifically making these slacker jams for the last four years, and they’re cemented in gooey memories that are hard to shake in the short-term, but they’re blissfully irrelevant episodes that belong to the past. They create agitation and fits, but mostly just the youthful kinds of problems that melt away in a week or so. There are flashes of Pavement and crunchier Pinkerton-era Weezer here, and it all works into these anti-hero anthems. Check out Alex G’s session here.

Kaiser Chiefs


The Kaiser Chiefs present stories about impending turmoil, but they also cushion it all with looks toward saving graces. It’s this crazy modern world that we’re living in, wrenching many things, but we’re kind of stuck with it, so future grace is all we can hope for. Listen to the Kaiser Chiefs’ session here.

This was one of those weeks where I felt like I might have just listened to someone who’s going to become one of my favorite artists of all-time, for the very first time. I’d heard Luke Bell’s name a few times over the last month—first on a text chain with Roman Candle/Big Light’s Logan Matheny and then as an aside by Cale Tyson—but I hadn’t listened to him until today. I was knocked completely for a loop. He’s absolutely phenomenal, and it’s the kind of country songwriting that is instantly timeless. He sounds flawless, and I cannot wait to see him live. I might be paying Nashville a visit sooner than I thought. In addition to Luke, here are some other gems discovered this week: American Wrestlers (holy smokes!), Young Rising Sons, Ryn Weaver, The Soundmen, Low Roar, Sara Rachele, Nicholas Krgovich (thanks to Owen Ashworth of Advance Base/Casiotone and Orindal Records), Noah and the Megafauna, Crybabycry, The Hunts, Land Lines and Modern Vices. Now go and have yourself a week!

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