This is the Kindle Voyage, a Premium High-Res E-Reader

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While Amazon has had a harder time getting its tablets and smartphones to take off, its e-readers have always been a hit. Last year’s 6-inch Kindle Paperwhite, in particular, was the perfect e-reader—that was until Amazon announced its newest addition to the Kindle e-reader line.

Now Amazon has announced the Kindle Voyage, its premium e-reader. With a super high-res glass screen, the Kindle Voyage finally makes the e-readers feel like a serious product. The display is a pixel density of 300 ppi (pixels per inch), and is said to have a higher contrast and brightness than the cheaper models.

The Kindle Voyage is thinner, lighter, longer-lasting, and more expensive with a retail price of $199 compared to the $119 Kindle Paperwhite. It’s a nice price point for a more premium e-reader, especially considering it’s still cheaper than tablets like the Nexus 7.

Overall, the Kindle Voyage is shaping up to be the best e-reader yet—so if you’re a book reader, pre-order yours now.