Watch Trailer for Elephant 6 Documentary, A Place We Have Been To

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A trailer has been released for A Place We Have Been To, a new documentary that will tell the story of the influential Elephant 6 Recording Company. The Athens, Georgia-based label was known for fostering bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, Apples in Stereo, Olivia Tremor Control and of Montreal.

The film, directed by Chad Stockfleth, will be the first full-length study of the scene and spirit that spawned the label, and will feature interviews with Will Cullen Hart, Robert Schneider and Bill Doss. The project is currently fundraising by pre-selling downloads of the film over at Pledge Music.

Started by childhood friends as an umbrella company under which to nourish their various music projects, Elephant 6 functioned as a collective, with its musicians often playing in several E6 bands and producing each other’s albums. The collective officially disbanded in 2002, but has remained active in various ways, with its members occasionally performing together or otherwise nurturing the legacy of the label. Neutral Milk Hotel’s massive reunion tour in 2013-14 underscores Elephant 6’s continuing relevance.

Watch the trailer for A Place We Have Been To below:

A Place We Have Been To – A film featuring the Elephant 6 Recording Co. – Trailer 1 from No Def on Vimeo.

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