Watchmen Creator Alan Moore Finishes Million-Word Draft of New Novel

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<i>Watchmen</i> Creator Alan Moore Finishes Million-Word Draft of New Novel

Alan Moore, revered writer of graphic novels like V for Vendetta and Watchmen, has finished a draft his second novel, Jerusalem. And it’s going to be big. With a word count of over a million words, The Guardian has pointed out that Jerusalem is currently longer than The Bible and almost twice as long as War and Peace. Moore has said of the book, which he started writing in 2008, “I have doubted that people will even be able to pick it up.”

Jerusalem is set in Northampton, England, where Moore grew up, and will explore his family’s history and the nature of time using fantasy elements and style experiments that allude to the work of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and John Dos Passos.

The draft has yet to be copy-edited and will almost certainly see cuts once it finds a publisher. But Moore is adamant that his multi-genre, style-shifting epic will retain its sprawling character. “Any editor worth their salt would tell me to cut two-thirds of this book,” he said in 2011, “but that’s not going to happen.”