ABC Developing MKUltra Miniseries

TV News
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ABC is working on a miniseries about MKUltra, the CIA’s controversial mind-control project.

The miniseries, MKUltra, will be written by Karen Stillman and follows the CIA’s top-secret research on human behavioral conditions. Stillman also wrote ABC’s Cold War miniseries The Assets. MKUltra will be developed by ABC Studios’ boutique division ABC Signature.

Project MKUltra began in the early 1950s using unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens as subjects in experiments in mind control and interrogation. Their controversial methods included drug usage (most famously LSD), torture, sexual and verbal abuse, sensory deprivation and hypnosis. The project ended in 1973, but wasn’t brought to the public attention until 1975, when the Church Committee of Congress and President Gerald Ford commissioned an investigation.

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