7 of the Coolest Bus Stops on Earth Are in This Tiny Austrian Town

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For some commuters, the morning jaunt on public transit is a bit more hip due to a growing affinity for unusually cool bus stops. But riding the bus in Krumbach, Austria, is like taking part in an architectural post-grad program.

Residents of Krumbach, a community of around 1,000 people in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg decided their community needed a public transit facelift, so they teamed up with seven architects from seven different countries, including Russia, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Chile, China and Japan, to design seven unique takes on the Buswartehüsle, or bus shelter. The fee for this architectural contract work? An all-expenses-paid holiday in the beautiful Krumbach area for each designer.

Check out the seven incredible Krumbach bus shelters in the gallery courtesy of project photographer Yuri Palman and get that petition ready to start a bus stop project in your neck of the woods.