AirBeam is a Device That Shows How Much Pollution You Are Breathing

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Air pollution is a big issue. After all, we all depend on the air we breathe and trust that it’s safe to do so. While AirBeam won’t magically purify air, it will offer you a way in which you can monitor the air quality around you, thereby increasing your awareness of the issue.

The palm sized sensor unit hooks up via a smartphone app, as well as the Aircasting website, giving you air quality readings that you can then share with others. The device is made by HabitatMap and uses a map location feature, you can see how the air quality is in various other places.

AirBeam uses a light scattering method to measure PM2.5, otherwise known as fine particulate matter, which is one of the things that the US Environmental Protection Agency monitors. AirBeam converts such data into a more understandable model for you, so a quick glance at your smartphone tells you what you need to know. You can then check out the location map to know just where PM2.5 concentrations are at their highest and potentially try to avoid such hotspots. It’s sure to be both useful and fascinating, particularly in major cities.

Partly ideal as an educational tool for various kinds of educators, AirBeam is also useful to learn more about the air around us. After all, knowledge is power and the more we know about it, the more we can potentially improve such a vital part of our lives.

Currently available via a Kickstarter campaign;, the Early Bird specials are already gone. There’s time yet though to grab an AirBeam for $199 with $250 also snagging you a webinar about the work. The campaign has until November 19 to run.

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