Self-Proclaimed "Prophet of the End Times" Says Danny DeVito Represents the Antichrist

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Throughout his career, Danny DeVito has repeatedly used his goblin-esque appearance to his advantage, completely embodying characters like Batman Return’s The Penguin and Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Toll Troll. But according to one apocalypse-minded Bible prophet, DeVito and his unique physique have just tackled their most ambitious role yet: an Illuminati representative of the Antichrist.

As a new video by “co-prophet of the end times” William Tapley explains, DeVito’s recent appearance in One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” video is an obvious reference to the Antichrist, inserted at the behest of One Direction’s N.W.O. masters. Furthermore, Tapley points out, the name “Danny DeVito” itself is a sly allusion to “the Tribe of Dan, where the Antichrist comes from” (duh).

Colbert Report fans may remember Tapley from a memorable 2012 appearance on the show, where the self-proclaimed “The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” performed a song condemning the “Satanic” art of Denver International Airport (sample lyrics: “I know some of you don’t agree / but this Denver art is pornography.”)

You can check out Tapley’s complete analysis of “Steal My Girl” above, which, while a little taxing at 12 minutes long, is still probably preferable to watching an actual One Direction video.

[h/t Dangerous Minds]

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