#DopePosters: Round Six - Alternative Movie Posters

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John Alvin. Richard Amsel. Drew Struzan. These names probably don’t mean much to you. But you might recognize the subjects of their iconic works: E.T., Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones Jr. and Marty McFly. Alvin, Amsel and Stuzan are just a few of the design legends behind the movie posters that brought millions to the box office in the ‘80s. Today, commercials reign supreme in the marketing circles of Hollywood, but step into any theater and you’ll quickly realize that film poster design is far from dead.

John Alvin – E.T. | Richard Amsel – Raiders of the Lost Ark | Drew Struzan – Back to the Future

This week’s #DopePosters gallery, however, is all about the alternative movie poster. A great exercise for design and illustration practice is recreating your favorite movie poster, with a twist. Maybe that means putting a minimalist spin on a Kevin Spacey classic (see Lauren Ashmore’s take on American Beauty). Or making the most out of negative space for the newest edition of Godzilla (see Tim Weakland’s homage to Godzilla). Perhaps it’s simply bringing back inspiration from the legends for a new-age thriller (see Peter Stults’ Gravity poster).

The exercise of recreating works with a new perspective, and a new set of goals, keeps the design world honest. And makes for some pretty #DopePosters.

Let us know who you think had the best alternative movie poster in the comments and tweet @Paste_Design, with the hashtag #DopePoster, to suggest your favorite posters and designers for Round 7.