Real Hoverboard Available On Kickstarter for $10,000

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Real Hoverboard Available On Kickstarter for $10,000

California company Arx Pax has created a functional hoverboard à la Back to the Future, and you can get one on Kickstarter, assuming you have the money to spare.

The current prototype of the Hendo hoverboard (#18, to be exact) levitates up to three centimeters above the ground for around 15 minutes. It can hold up to 140 kilograms (around 308 pounds). However, since it uses magnets, you can only ride it over certain surfaces like copper or aluminum.

Arx Pax wants to refine the working technology from the prototype and start production—for example, this technology would be great for lifting and moving heavy loads for a short period of time—and have started a Kickstarter campaign for $250,000.

Rewarded donations start at $10 and grant you a sticker and a magnet. Shelling out $10,000 to the campaign will grant you one of 10 hoverboards. If you don’t have that much money lying around, you could donate enough money for a Hendo hoverboard ride ($100) or a Hendo hover engine set to experiment with on your own ($299).

The Hendo hoverboard’s Kickstarter campaign lasts until Dec. 15. Watch Hendo’s Kickstarter video in the player below.