Oscar de la Renta: 1932 - 2014

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An enormous loss is felt in the fashion world today, as we learn the sad news of the passing of legendary designer Oscar de la Renta. He was 82 years old.

De la Renta who designed with old world fabulousness and modern flare, had been battling cancer since 2006. Rumors were swirling recently that he was ill once again.

The designer, a native of the Dominican Republic and born in 1932, was known for his Hollywood glitz. He spent the last 40 years designing dresses for a wide array of styles, from Nancy Regan and Jackie O. to Penelope Cruz and Ashley Olsen. Most recently, Amal Alamuddin met her husband George Clooney, at the altar in one of de la Renta’s elegant wedding gowns.

While living at the forefront of New York City’s social scene, de la Renta had a profound focus on philanthropy. He shared the fruits of his labor by building an orphanage in his home country, which currently houses 1,200 children. He also served as Chairman of the Queen Sofia Spanish Institue and served on the boards of the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall.

De la Renta resided with his wife Annette in their home in Kent, Connecticut, where he spent much of his time in his vegetable and flower gardens. He is remembered by his friends to be extremely generous, hospitable and full of love. De la Renta’s explanation of the inspiration behind his fragrance “Live in Love” may be most appropriate to describe his charmed life—“It’s loving the life you live, what you give, what you have received.”

The recipient of countless awards and the face and name behind a growing brand with over $150 million in sales, de la Renta thought that being well dressed was a combination of good balance and common sense.

He is survived by his wife Annette, his son, three sisters, three stepchildren, and nine step grandchildren.

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