The Rumors Are Officially True, Twin Peaks Will Return in 2016

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Earlier this morning we were tracking the rumors of the infamous Twin Peaks return. Now, co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have finally given in and told us the truth. Twin Peaks will indeed return in 2016 on Showtime. Cue the “AHHHHH” moment. Check out our shortened list of how Twin Peaks internet detectives predicted this moment, and watch the much anticipated Showtime announcement below.

1. Lynch spoke at the Lucca Film Festival and used the word “possibility.”
Lynch was the guest of honor at the festival's 10th edition last week and spoke about his interest in continuing on the Twin Peaks story: “I've always said I love a continuing story, to love a world and be able to go deeper and deeper into that world. So there's always a possibility, and you just have to wait and see.” Cryptic much?

2. 1989 + 25 = 2014
The final episode of Twin Peaks takes place in 1989, and in that episode, Laura Palmer tells Agent Dale Cooper, “I will see you again in 25 years.” UPDATE: This was a cool theory, and while we did get our announcement in 2014, the show won't officially be back until 2016.

3. Co-creators Lynch and Mark Frost tweeted Twin Peaks quotes simultaneously.
Lynch and Frost twin tweeted the exact same Twin Peaks lines at the exact same time.

4. Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle Maclachlan) and Lynch went to lunch.
And it looked like serious business.

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