Watch the Trailer for Clara Mamet's Indie Comedy Two-Bit Waltz

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It’s always interesting to see the creative routes of the scions of famously creative parents. So it is with Clara Mamet, the daughter of writer/director David Mamet and actress Rebecca Pidgeon. One has to wonder if a 20-year-old with that kind of pedigree, not to mention a half sister (Zosia Mamet) who is one of the stars of HBO’s Girls, feels a certain pressure to produce on the same level. But regardless of whether she feels that pressure, Clara Mamet is certainly producing.

Below is the just-released trailer for the first-time director’s new indie comedy Two-Bit Waltz, in which she also stars. Mamet plays an eccentric high school girl named Maude who’s going through a rough patch, suspended by school and rejected by her boyfriend. When her grandmother then passes away, Maude faces a difficult decision: Either go her own way or accept the large inheritance she has been left, along with its one stipulation: That she must finish her college education.

The young director got a strong cast together, including the likes of William H. Macy, David Paymer and her own mother, Pidgeon. The trailer projects a strong sense of Wes Anderson and The Royal Tenenbaums influence in particular, which is only enhanced by the presence of Jared Gilman, the lead of Moonrise Kingdom as Maude’s brother. Hopefully, Two-Bit Waltz can carve out an identity of its own, rather than simply suffering comparisons to any other twee, indie comedy. Check out the trailer below.

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