Cheat At Latte Art With Cute, Disolvable Patterns

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Art and technology have always had an uneasy relationship. One is focused on the results of years of learning painstaking craft, while the other is about achieving something in the quickest, most uniform way possible. This is not say that the two can’t benefit each other—how heady must the early days of acrylic paint have been!—just that technology often allows one to skip all that training and perfecting, and go right to the end.

If you thought latte art was the last bastion of where skill and practice was still held in high esteem (and who didn’t?), think again.

Japanese manufacturer Taka Tomy Arts  has createdDeco Latte’, flavorless gelatin sheets that slowly dissolve into your hot liquid caffeine-vehicle of choice. No longer must you be satisfied with that swirly heart the barista behind the provides. Now, you can add your own Snoopy.

A triumph of technology over art? Or merely the acrylic paint of foamed milk? What do you think?

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