IPAWWW of the Month

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Foothills Brewing is continuing its popular “IPA of the Month” program through 2015, only this time, instead of a sexy pinup girl on the label, each beer will feature a different dog. Maybe even your dog. Foothills is tapping into the power of social media to find 11 cute pooches to grace the labels of the new beers. The brewery’s dog, Barley, has already called dibs on the first label.

If you think your dog has a mug meant for beer, check out the full rules at Foothills Brewing’s blog. More than 4,000 of Foothills’ fans chimed in to pick the names for the string of beers featured in this year’s IPA of the Month series, so I’m thinking it’s going to be some stiff competition for anyone looking to land a label.

Luckily, my dog is the cutest in the world. Look at those spots!

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