Louis Mallart's "Animated Alphabet" Is A Hypnotic Look At The Abstract Nature Of Letters

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As any typographer worth their salt will tell you, letters are weird. A frankly bizarre hodge-podge of curves and lines that somehow, when placed together create meaning? An idea that’s patently absurd on the face of it, and yet, here we are, using letters to communicate. In fact, you’re reading letters right now! So weird, right?

The essential abstractness of letters is made no more apparent than in Louis Mallart’s “Animated Alphabet,” a collection of gifs that great letters out of art-deco points and swirling tones.

Despite how appealing it is to imagine a font where the letters wink in and out of existence, that’s not Mallart’s intend.

This work is more research on the form,” he says on his Behance page. “An experiment, more than the creation of an actual alphabet.”

Still, one can dream. Letters are weird. But there’s always room for them to get weirder.