Marvel at the Masters of Mustache Maintenence

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As we’ve said earlier this week, beards are serious business. Many men—and some women—take no small amount of pride and care in cultivating their chin and cheek hair, displaying their fabulously hirsute faces for all the world to see. But the truth is, most beard-growth is the work of amateurs. Your average person may grow a beard, perhaps for No-Shave November, perhaps to keep the chill out as winter approaches, perhaps in attempt for their social circle to reach “peak beard,” perhaps because they want to look their best when they win The Eurovision Song Contest.

Dilettantes all.

No, the true masters of mustache maintenance pack their tiny scissors and combs and head to The World Beard and Mustache Championships. They come in droves to Portland, their follicles thick with essential oils. Around 300 contestants competed this year, in 18 different categories.

It takes a great deal of time and effort to bring one’s beard to competition status. Not everyone can. But let’s look at those those who do as inspirations. To paraphrase Ghandhi—who knew a thing or two about proper mustache care—grow the beard you wish to see in the world.