Straight From The Horse's Mouth: Sean Moeller's Daytrotter Picks for 11/17/14

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Here we are, once again, with another installment of our favorite new Daytrotter sessions from the previous week’s offerings. Of course, there are many more worthy selections just waiting for you. Make up your own mind, if you’d like.



These are the feelings that come out of a body when it’s been pent up, when the legs are packed with cramps and numbness. It’s what comes when our dreams and our inner mumblings are scarily close to the surface, leaking out of the corners of our mouths like drool. They come to us when we’ve just spilled a beer all over the floor and instead of doing anything about cleaning the wet mess up, we just walk away as if it never happened, because—really—what an insignificant problem to have, a spilled beer. They come to us when we feel crumpled and haggard—when our eyes are fried and sting like burns. Bully lead singer Alicia Bognanno pins the emotions of the songs that this Nashville-based rock and roll band makes on very raw-boned tatters. These flares spring from shadows and slap a good buzz on you, even if there’s nothing on your breath, nothing in your blood yet. These songs will slam you up against a building, out in the alley, and start making out with you if you aren’t careful. Check out Bully’s session here.

Twin Peaks


Twin Peaks  make the kind of rock and roll that you bet on. It’s the kind of rock and roll that will get you off. It’s the kind of rock and roll that will make you younger and feel cooler for listening to it. It’s the kind of rock and roll that thrills you in ways you can’t possibly try to explain to your wife or the kids. Listen to Twin Peaks’ session here.

Streets of Laredo


We just want to hop in the van with Streets of Laredo and never ask where they’re headed. We can tell that they’ve got a monopoly on all of the remaining dandelions—puffed out into white orbs—ready to have their seeds blown and scattered, wishes made and forgotten. We can tell that they smell something on the breeze that speaks to them, that lures them. We are pretty sure that their arms and necks tan from the inside out, that they’ve just got it in them. They are of ghost towns and they are of tranquil lakes found just outside of town, reflecting the night skies back at them, or it might be the skies doing the reflecting. Within these songs, we get lost in the dusty fumes. Check out Streets of Laredo’s session here.

The Harpoonist & Axe Murderer


I’m feeling like one of my big regrets for 2014 is going to turn out being that I booked this Harpoonist & Axe Murderer session at our San Francisco studio and didn’t just hold out until they could get to Illinois. Not having these Canadians right in front of my eyes—not seeing them live and in person—is a damned shame. You can hear in every ounce of these songs that this band is otherworldly in the live setting. It’s swampy and deep old soul shit. Bring on the stiff drinks! Check out The Harpoonist & Axe Murderer’s session here.



There’s always a place for sprawling and jagged, youthful rumination about where you’re from, the kinds of people you used to be surrounded by and how all of it affected the kind of person you’ve become. The Michigan-based band Dads takes us to these annoyances, to the inside jokes, the experimental drugs and keggers, the hurts and the conquests that awkwardly and unscientifically shape us. Listen to Dads’ session here.

III Bones


I listened to III Bones’ song “Hold On To Ya” more this week than I did any other song—aside from that new Jessica Pratt song (DAMN!!). This song is one that you just need in your life. It will make you whole, and it will make you ache. Check out III Bones’ session here.

I got back out there this week and really did some homework. I went to the library and tried to see what all was there. Here are my favorite discoveries of the last week: Smokey Brights, Tropics, Diagrams, Jerry Leger, O Mer, Johanna Glaza, Robin Bacior, Rae Morris, Hideout (thanks to my buds Delta Spirit, Paul Kostabi, Guards and Sacco), Mont Oliver, Nick Hill (thanks be to Ian L. at Communion), T.O.L.D. (thanks to the great Paul Tao), Moors, Puzzle Muteson, Dos Palos and Gold Lake. Now get out there and have yourself a week.

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